Frequently Asked Questions

In trial tests for the Power Monitor in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada, many people have enjoyed real savings on their electricity bills. There are a number of questions which interested consumers have asked us about the Power Monitor. For your convenience we’ve listed the most frequently asked questions below.

What is a Power Monitor?

  • What it does:
    • The Power Monitor is a real-time direct feedback display device for domestic energy consumers. It will tell you at a glance how much electricity your home is currently using and your home’s total electricity used in dollars and cents and in kilowatt hours.
    • For instance, as you turn on or off electrical appliances, you will be able to see the adjustment right away on the clock-sized display which would be located inside your home.
    • The Power Monitor shows only your home’s electricity usage in real-time. Ultimately, it is up to you to use this information to reduce your electric bill.
  • How it works:
    • The Power Monitor consists of two components – a small display (which you can place anywhere inside your home) and a sensor unit (which you attach to your electricity meter).
    • The display unit, located inside the home, receives a wireless signal from the sensor unit which is attached to the outside of your electricity meter. The sensor unit can be easily installed by the homeowner. The sensor unit transmits your meter information to the in-home display unit where your electricity information is displayed in kilowatt hours and dollars and cents.
  • Is the Power Monitor a utility meter?
    • No, the Power Monitor is not a utility meter. The Power Monitor simply displays your electricity usage in dollars and cents and kilowatt-hours. It is not a utility meter and is not intended for billing purposes. Data displayed on the Power Monitor is provided for informational purposes only. Owing to timing of meter reads by your utility and combinations of flat rate charges and consumption-based charges, the “Total” readings on your display will not exactly match what you see on your electric bill.

My utility uses a two-tiered rate structure. Can I program the Power Monitor with two rates?

Yes the Power Monitor will accommodate two-tiered rate structures. Instructions on how to program your unit with tiered rates are included in the Quick Start Guide of your Power Monitor package

Do I need an electrician to install the Power Monitor?

No. The Power Monitor does not require an electrician for installation. The Power Monitor has been designed so that it is easy for you to install onto your electric meter.

What can the Power Monitor do for me?

The Power Monitor can help reduce your energy consumption and realize savings of up to 20% on your electrical bill. In addition, you will be helping conserve the earth’s natural resources and protect the environment.

Who uses the Power Monitor?

The Power Monitor can be used by any consumer of electricity, residential or commerical. The Power Monitor is used by customers nationwide and in the United States. In Ontario alone, there are currently over 30,000 Power Monitors installed in residential households.

The Power Monitor is a great tool for anyone looking to help conserve energy, protect the environment or just save a few dollars.